Prefabricated Orthotics

Prefabricated orthotics are mass-produced, non-prescription inserts. You’ve probably seen them in stores or on TV. At Freeland Foot & Ankle Clinic, we use prefabricated orthotics to help manage and relieve many different painful foot conditions. Although you can take your chances and buy an insert off the rack yourself, we strongly encourage you to book an appointment with us first and let us help you choose.

The wrong orthotics won’t do your feet much good. Our PureStride insoles are tested by and approved of by Dr. Dailey. Having a consultation before purchasing any over-the-counter insoles will help ensure the perfect fit!

Step Digital Foot Scan, Orthotics Foot Scan for Custom Made Shoe Insoles, Posture and equilibrium analysis. Doctor, patient. Posture and equilibrium analysis. Growth, balance.Custom Orthotics with Go-4D

Custom orthotics are prescription inserts that are specially made just for you. We use a high-tech foot scanning system to get exact, precise measurements of your foot shape and structure. Of course, we’ll also conduct a complete physical examination and any additional tests that may be necessary to diagnose whatever foot problems you're experiencing.

How Does Go-4D Work?

Go-4D uses a pressure plate, a foot scanner, and 3D-printing technology to create shoe inserts that are truly custom to your feet. Here's how the casting process works:

  1. First, you'll walk across the pressure plate. This gives us a dynamic image of where you are putting the most pressure and helps us analyze your gait.
  2. Next, we will have you stand on the foot scanner. Once your feet are scanned, we can send this information to the lab to have the orthotics made to your specifications.
  3. Finally, your new custom orthotics will arrive in a few weeks. At that time, you will come into the office for a short appointment with a medical assistant to give you the inserts and instructions for breaking them in. 

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