Living a healthy, active lifestyle is beneficial for your overall health. We always encourage our patients to get moving every day. The unfortunate truth of being healthy and exercising regularly: you are putting your feet and ankles through a great deal of stress. We ask a lot of these body parts, from running and jumping to kicking and sprinting. It is not surprising that most sports injuries involve the feet or ankles.

That's where we come in.

Freeland Foot & Ankle Clinic Sports Injury Care

Common Foot and Ankle Sports Injuries

We see patients with a wide variety of different injuries. And we're not just talking about big, painful traumas like ankle fractures (though we see plenty of those, too). Chronic issues can arise from overuse and can be detrimental to achieving your goals and maintaining your overall health.

Heel Pain

Activity can overstress the arches, causing the band of tissue running along the bottom of the foot to tear and pull against the heel. This leads to plantar fasciitis. Additionally, children and teens are susceptible to Sever's disease, resulting in a tight Achilles tendon. No matter the diagnosis, we lead the way in modern, effective treatment for the conditions that cause heel pain.

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Ankle Sprains

Twisted, rolled, sprained: however you word it, sprained ankles are the most common traumatic sports injury. Regardless of severity, it is important to get expert advice and carefully stick to a treatment plan. Not correctly treating an ankle sprain can lead to chronic ankle pain, joint instability, and a greater risk of reinjury.

Achilles Tendon Injuries

The Achilles tendon connects the calf muscles to the ankle and heel. The tendon is under constant stress and undertakes a great deal of force. Swelling, inflammation, or tiny tears in the tendon fibers, also known as Achilles tendonitis, can occur and should be treated sooner rather than later. 


Toes, ankles, heels, oh my! Fractures, or broken bones, are often the result of a sudden, violent impact. They can also be caused by small, repetitive impacts over a long period of time. These are called stress fractures, and they often present as cracks in the surface of the bone. As is the case with most sports injuries, a delay in treatment will cause issues later on.

We Treat Other Injuries as Well

The list above only scratches the surface of sports injuries. Other conditions that can be treated right in our office include toe sprains (AKA "Turf Toe"), shin splints, muscle strains, and more. 

The bottom line is that prompt diagnosis and treatment are crucial to the healing process if you are dealing with any amount of pain or limited movement in your feet or ankles. Call our office so we can treat the issues you have and ensure you can continue living an active lifestyle.

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A Personalized Approach With Advanced Technologies Available

Every injury, just like every athlete, is different. The location, diagnosis, severity, preferred sport, day job, and lifestyle all play a role in your treatment plan. Taking a personalized approach to sports medicine helps us determine which treatment protocol best suits you and your specific situation.

One key factor in treating athletes is the shared desire for quick and effective healing. Your passion is being active, and our passion is keeping you active. That is why we offer advanced treatment options to our Mid-Michigan community.

Our office is equipped with cutting-edge tools such as laser pain therapy and extracorporeal pulse activation technology (EPAT). These non-invasive treatments help to accelerate the natural healing processes in your own cells and can significantly shorten the recovery period following an injury.

Dr. Dailey and his team are also more than happy to provide you with podiatrist-approved shoes and socks, on top of offering instruction on low impact, strength-building exercises to keep you active during recovery.

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