We pride ourselves on operating a family-friendly practice. Parents can rest assured that our team is trustworthy, caring, and understanding children's unique needs. Because we care, we want to make sure parents know how important it is to identify and treat potential problems in young feet. You set your children up for success in every other aspect, and caring for their feet when they are young is just another way to do this.

Read on to learn about common conditions affecting even the littlest of feet and what we can do to help.

Developmental Foot and Ankle Conditions

As we know, children grow quickly! During this period of growth, parents might observe abnormalities in the shape of their child's feet or their gait.

  • Pediatric Flatfoot. A child’s arches will tend to disappear while standing but reappear when they sit or rise onto their toes.
  • In-Toeing and Out-Toeing. A child’s feet point inward or outward. Sometimes, this may cause further complications such as tripping.
  • Toe-Walking. While some toe-walking is normal, exclusively walking this way can be a sign of other conditions, including neurological issues. 

If you notice any of the above, don't panic! But don't ignore the symptoms either. Children often grow out of these abnormalities. Other times, the issues may persist. It is always best to contact us if you notice anything out of the ordinary regarding your child's feet. We can monitor your child's development with periodic check-ups to ensure their feet stay happy and healthy.

Pediatric Podiatry Freeland MI

Heel Pain in Children

Typically, children around 8-14 years old develop heel pain. A common culprit is Sever's Disease. This condition occurs when the growth plate along the heel bone does not grow at the same rate as the Achilles tendon.

Plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinitis are other common sources of pain and discomfort in young feet.

A child may hide pain symptoms or be unable to verbalize their discomfort. It is essential to watch for signs of limping or complaints of sore feet. Your child might not participate in games or play the same way they used to, or they might be unable to keep up with their peers. Addressing these issues as soon as they are noticed is recommended, as early treatment often leads to faster healing.

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Other Common Children’s Foot Problems

  • Childrens' Heel Pain Treatment Freeland MIIngrown toenails are another common condition among children. Because their feet are growing so quickly, their feet may become cramped as they outgrow their shoes. Ensure your child is wearing the proper shoe size to avoid any rubbing or irritation.
  • Children are often prone to plantar warts as well. Because children lack the antibodies to fight off warts, they are more likely to contract plantar warts than adults. Warts can be embarrassing, painful, and long-lasting. We recommend treatment sooner rather than later.
  • Sports injuries are common among active youngsters. Whether your child sprained their ankle scoring a goal in soccer or has pain while running their track and field events, Dr. Dailey is apt in treating numerous sports injuries. We want to get your children back to enjoying and excelling at the sports and activities they love.

Comprehensive and Compassionate Foot Care for Your Kids

At the end of the day, what are the qualities you look for in a pediatric provider? You want someone knowledgeable, trustworthy, caring, and king. Little things matter when it comes to our little ones. We strive to create an environment that treats children and makes them feel comfortable.

Dr. Dailey is a father himself, and he understands the unique needs of children and has a vast knowledge of the care of young feet. Give us a call at (989) 695-6788 or contact us online to schedule your appointment today.

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