a man sits on a wood floor. He is wearing white socks and is holding a blue custom orthotic up to his foot. A tan leather sneaker sits next to him on the floor.It is always recommended to wear shoe inserts or custom-molded orthotics in both shoes. If you're only experiencing pain in one foot it may seem odd to wear these insoles in both shoes, but we promise there is a good reason!

Shoe inserts, especially custom orthotics, work by redistributing pressure across the foot, offering cushion and support, and keeping you balanced. You can read more about how custom orthotics work here

If you wear your inserts in only one shoe, you'll soon feel unbalanced and could eventually develop pain in the unsupported foot. Whether you opt for prefabricated insoles or custom orthotic devices, wearing them in both shoes will optimize your balance, accelerate your healing time, and prevent issues from developing down the line. 

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