The time has come for us to help you out with your holiday shopping! We've compilied a list of our favorites from 2023, and we're sure you'll find something for that special person on your list (or something for yourself).

Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Runners and Walkerschristmas list

Running and walking are actually a few of the most inexpensive hobbies you can have! Trails and sidewalks are free to use, and the only piece of equipment you really need is a pair of good, supportive shoes. Of course, that's not to say your experience can't be enhanced by a few useful running products.

Do you have an avid runner or walker in your life? Here are a few ideas for this 2023 holiday season:

1. Hand-Held Water Bottle

Staying hydrated out on the trail is absolutely crucial to your stamina as well as your overall health. Water bottles come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. Some include two smaller bottles attached to a special belt to keep things secure and within reach. This Hydration Belt from Nike is only $30.00 and holds 20 ounces! The Nathan ExoShot 2.0 is another great option with its collapsible design and an extra pocket for carrying other fuel to get you through your run. 

man bends down to tie his running shoes on a tree-lined paved trail. 2. Running Gloves with Touchscreen Capabilities

Here in Michigan, we are no strangers to braving the cold. Some extra layers might be necessary, but there's no reason to let the snow put a damper on your running goals. Protecting your hands from the elements can help keep you warm all over, and we love being able to use our smartwatch and our phones without having to awkwardly use our teeth to pull off our gloves mid-run. Enter: New Balance Lightweight Touchscreen Running Gloves. The fleece provides warmth without the bulk of wool, and the thumb and forefinger are compatible with any touchscreen device.

3. A New Alternative to Ill-Fitting EarbudsShokz headphones

We have all been there: mid-workout, jamming out to music, and a headphone falls out. While Airpods are all the rage, runners might be yearning for something a little more equipped for on-the-go. The Shokz OpenRun Headphones are bone-conduction headphones that sit above your ears. Not only do they offer eight hours of battery life, a more secure fit, and resistance to rain and sweat, but their bone-conduction technology allows you to hear the ambient noise around you. Think of warning yells, traffic, car horns, and other things that might alert you to a possible hazard. These might be the only headphones we've ever seen that help keep you safe on your run!

4. High Quality Running Socks

Pedestal Running SocksInvesting in your socks can help you avoid stinky feet, blisters, and other foot problems associated with running. We've talked about our top picks for running socks before, and we think that's a blog worth checking out! The important thing to note is to pick a sock with synthetic fibers, a good fit, and appropriate padding. 

5. Smart GPS to Track Your Runs and Avoid Getting Lost

The Garmin Forerunner 945 offers a no-nonsense approach to GPS watches for runners. Color map displays, built-in songs for running, step counting, and heart-rate tracking are just a few of the special features. Is it a little pricey? Sure. But reviews rave that it is built to last and exceedingly more helpful for avid runners than the average smartwatch. 
Theraband Foot Roller

Keep it Local: Find All Your Stocking Stuffers at FFAC

daily soaksDid you know our office carries a range of products suitable for people of all ages and abilities? Here are a few ideas:

  • The Theraband Foot Roller. This revolutionary stretching tool is ideal for reducing inflammation affecting the bottom of your feet. It is freezable, which allows you to ice and stretch simultaneously. 
  • Tolcylen Daily Micro-Cleansing Soak. If you or a loved one enjoy an occasional soak with Epsom salts, this little bag of wonders is the perfect gift (even if it's a gift to yourself). Where Epsom salts are drying and damaging to the moisture barrier, Tolcylen's proprietary blend of ingredients is proven to keep your feet happy and healthy.
  • Shoe Zap 15-Minute Shoe Sanitizer. Microorganisms, which thrive in warm, dark places, can cause toenail fungus, athlete's foot, and shoe odor. The Shoe Zap uses the power of UV light to kill infection- and odor-causing bacteria to keep your feet odor-free!

What are the most popular stocking stuffers?

Our Urea Care moisturizing lotion and Biofreeze Professional Pain Relief Gel are our two bestsellers. Both products have proven to be safe and effective in treating dry, cracked feet and pain, respectively. 

urea careUrea Care

Combining ultra-moisturizing ingredients with the penetrating power of urea, Urea Care is an intensive skin therapy cream that provides immediate relief from dry, rough, and callused skin. The residue- and grease-free formula allows for easy application and a silky, soft finish.

biofreeze Biofreeze Professional Pain Relief Gel

Biofreeze provides quick relief for aches and pains. The topical gel utilizes the power of menthol (and good ole' science) to block pain. With two ways to apply the gel, relief is targeted to the exact points of pain without the need for oral medication. 

Whether you're looking for a gift for a runner, walker, athlete, or just someone you think deserves happy, healthy feet (here's a hint: that's everyone!), you can find what you're looking for at Freeland Foot and Ankle Clinic. If pain or an injury has you down, let the team at Freeland Foot and Ankle Clinic help through advanced treatments, compassionate care, and patient-centered care plans. Give us a call at 989-695-6788 or fill out our online contact form to connect with Mid-Michigan's favorite sports medicine podiatrist today!

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