Tolcylen Daily Micro-Cleansing Soak: The Long Term Solution

 Do you struggle with excema, dermatitis, athlete's foot, hyperhidrosis, or just dry, cracked feet? 

For moderate to severe conditions, we recommend Tolyclen's Therapeutic Foot Soak, which comes in a pack of 5, to be used as directed by Dr. Dailey.

Once the Therapeutic Soaks help to decrease your disomfort and lessen acute symptoms, it's time to start thinking long-term. That's where the Daily Micro-Cleansing Foot Soak comes in. This proprietary blend of ingredients are a better option when compared to traditional epsom salts. 

One of the biggest ways to protect your feet is to take care of and strengthen your skin barrier. Unfortunately, epsom salts are extremely drying and can damage or weaken the skin barrier. 

Tolcylen Daily Micro-Cleansing Foot Soak has ingredients to establish, strengthen, and protect the skin barrier. The addition of collodial oatmeal, urea, and blend of oils is a much better alternative to epsom salt soaks. The Daily Micro-Cleansing Foot Soak also:

  • Promotes deep cleaning for optimal foot hygiene
  • Supports other skin and nail treatments
  • Relaxes and rejuvinates tired and aching feet

This product can be used once daily, and it is a great option for those who love to relax by soaking their feet but want to avoid epsom salts and protect the natural barrier. Our office offers a range of products and services that can take your feet from sore, achy, and unhappy, to healthy, happy, and hygienic. Call or text us at 989-695-6788 today to schedule your visit at our conveniently located Freeland, MI, office.

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