We know how vital a well-fitted, supportive pair of shoes is to your workout routine. To get the most out of your active lifestyle and avoid the injuries that take you out of the game, you should think about what is going into those great, supportive shoes. In other words: when was the last time you thought about your socks?

Hey, we get it. You find a pack of cheap socks at the grocery store, and you think, "these will do!" You wear them until they are ridden with holes, at which time you return to said grocery store and pick yourself up another pack. In a previous blog, we've talked about the importance of good socks, but if you're an athlete wanting to improve your skills, stamina, or recovery, let's have a chat about the qualities you should be looking for when picking a pair of socks.

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All About Comfort

Cushion and support are two key attributes to a pair of high-quality socks. We want to see extra padding at the toe and the heel. This will help avoid rubbing, which eventually leads to blisters and sores. Keep in mind more padding means the socks will take up more space. It is still essential to ensure your feet have ample room in your shoes.

Don't Get Cold (or Sweaty) Feet!

This one is simple: thick socks in winter, breathable socks in the summer. If you enjoy running or hiking outside during all four seasons, adjusting the type of sock you wear can help you stay comfortable and focused on your workout. 

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Boost Recovery with Compression Socks

Compression socks can benefit those with vascular diseases, but have you ever thought about trying them out for yourself? Several brands have sprung up offering compression socks specially designed for runners and athletes in the last few years! Socks with compression can help stimulate circulation, increase blood flow, increase oxygen, and subsequently boost your recovery!

Focus on the Fit

The sizing of your socks can also assist in preventing sores and blisters. Be sure that your sock isn't sliding down or bunching up under your foot. Doing any exercise for prolonged periods with a sock bunched up at the bottom of your shoe does not only run you the risk of a blister and significant pain of the toes and heels but is also downright uncomfortable! 

What if I Have Stinky Feet?

Avoiding food odor, athlete's foot, and fungal toenails come down to a few factors; for one, moisture-wicking fabrics. Wearing acrylic, polyester, or wool blend socks helps to accomplish this. Another factor in odor control and avoiding fungus is to ditch the cotton. Unfortunately, cotton traps moisture and creates the perfect breeding ground for odor-causing bacteria.

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Top 5 Podiatrist Recommended Socks

Here is a short list of some specific brands and styles that fit our sock-shopping guidelines:

  1. NikeGrip Socks: This style features a specially engineered yarn, which provides traction within your shoes as well as ample padding. 
  2. Pedestal Footwear 4.0: These socks are ideal for weight-lifting enthusiasts, especially those who prefer to lift sans shoes. Silicone grips dot the base of the socks to provide stability at your 'impact zones' during a lift. 
  3. DryMax R-Gear Running Socks: Keep your feet comfortable, dry, and chafe-free. These socks feature a barrier to avoid friction, blisters, and excess moisture. 
  4. Progressive+ Compression Run Socks 4.0: CEP is the brand responsible for these socks, a German company considered a pioneer in compression footwear. These check all the boxes: compression, anti-microbial fabric, and ample padding. 
  5. TruSox 3.0 Mid-Calf Crew Socks: If you are a soccer fan, you may have seen some of your favorite professional players sporting these socks. They feature non-slip pads that are perfect for sprinting, turning, and jumping. There are multiple versions, and you can choose between cushioned or thin, three lengths, and twelve different colors!

An Athlete's Secret Weapon

Seeing a podiatrist for preventative care is the athlete's secret weapon. We know the tips, tricks, and treatments you need to improve your skills, avoid injuries, and boost your recovery. Your feet take the brunt of your active lifestyle. Show them some love with a high-quality pair of socks. Then, give us a call at 989-695-6788 or fill out our online contact form to schedule your consultation today. Your feet deserve it! 


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