Biofreeze Professional Pain Relief Gel Eases Foot Pain Fast

Fighting heel pain with no needles and no surgery.

When you deal with heel pain, you deal with it every day. And even as you work to rid yourself of heel pain, it's not always a "one and done" process. Sometimes, you need a little extra help; an extra tool in your arsenal of heel pain remedies. That's where topical pain relief comes in. While you could get a prescription, compounded medications like topical pain creams are not always covered by your insurance, and could end up costing you hundreds. For a cost effective options that offers high-quality relief, we offer Biofreeze Professional.

Biofreeze professional pain relieving gel comes in a squeeze-bottle or roll-on application. By using the pain-relieving power of menthol, you'll feel pain disappate faster and stay away longer. Biofreeze can be used on any sore muscles or areas of the body, including the feet, toes, and heels. It is available over the counter, and the Professional version is available for purchase in providers' offices.

Interested in trying Biofreeze? Samples are available, too. Contact us here to learn how to get a sample, and keep reading to learn more about why Biofreeze is so great. 

What is Biofreeze Used For?

By acting as a far more convenient, long-lasting alternative to traditional icing techniques, Biofreeze works in a similar way to a bag of peas. It has an analgesic effect thanks to the active ingredient menthol. Menthol sends signals to your brain, triggering a nerve response that reduces inflammation and, as a result, pain. The cold response also increases vasodilation, a response where your blood vessels expand and blood flow improves, also resulting in a relief of pain and discomfort. Unlike ice, where we recommend 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off, Biofreeze uses a "set it and forget it" method, meaning you can apply it once and enjoy the benefits for several hours.

Does Biofreeze Heal Injuries or Just Numb?

When used in combination with other heel pain treatments, Biofreeze can help numb the pain and allow you to get a good night sleep and enjoy the activities you enjoy. One of the other ingredients in Biofreeze, Camphor, has numbing and and pain-relieving properties. According to Healthline, camphor is considered anti-biotic, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory. 

While it does help you carry on and eases the pain, Biofreeze does not cure or treat the root causes of your injury. 

Is Biofreeze Better Than Using Ice?

We like to keep our patients as active as possible throughout their time treating heel pain or other issues. Biofreeze makes this easier, but it's not necessarily better than using ice. Here's when to use ice vs. when to use Biofreeze.

Use ice for:

  • pain immediately following an injury
  • acute pain
  • flare-ups of chronic pain

Use Biofreeze for:

How to Use Biofreeze

At our office, Biofreeze comes as a bottle with a squeezable top or as a roll-on. Either way, it is recommended to use Biofreeze on any affected area up to four times a day for as long as your symptoms last. Biofreeze professional is not available in stores, so give us a call at 989-695-6788, text us at the same secure number, or fill out our product form to request a sample today!

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