Hey Dudes are everywhere...Hey Dudes

Couples are even wearing them at the altar on their big days. Love them or hate them, there's no denying the popularity of Hey Dude shoes. 

Are Hey Dudes Good for Your Feet?

While they may feel comfortable, Hey Dude's soft, pillowy design offers little-to-no support for your arches. While you could wear shoe inserts to give yourself more support and cushion, you are much better off wearing a pair of high-quality shoes instead. That said, people tend to dislike wearing regular shoes in the house, much to the dismay of podiatrists everywhere. If wearing your Hey Dudes incentivizes you to wear shoes when you're inside, we're all for it. Think of Hey Dudes as a step above slippers and a step below regular tennis shoes. 

Hey Dudes are good shoes to wear for a short amount of time. Wear them in the house, to and from the gym, or at the office. Don't wear Hey Dudes on days when you plan to do a lot of walking or standing. Exercising or running in Hey Dudes is not recommended.

Who Should Wear Hey Dudes?

Hey Dudes are ideal for slipping on when you would otherwise opt to go barefoot. While it isn't much, the shoes offer a protective layer between the ground and your feet. If you have diabetes, the soft construction minimizes the likelihood of blisters forming on your feet. Keep in mind that Hey Dude shoes are not a replacement for prescribed and custom-fit diabetic footwear. Their flexible, slip-on design allows people with mobility issues to more easily put on their shoes. 

Should I wear socks with my Hey Dudes?

While the choice to wear or not wear socks is a personal one, there are a few things to consider. Regularly wearing socks with all your shoes, not just your Hey Dudes, will extend the life of the shoe and cut down on odor. Without socks, sweat from the feet can more easily permeate the fabric of your shoes, leading to odor that no amount of shoe deodorizer, baking soda, or perfume can cover up. 

Anyone suffering from athlete's foot or fungal toenails should take special care to wear a fresh, clean pair of socks every day, unless you're wearing sandals (unless you can pull off the socks-and-sandals look, of course). Not sure what socks you should wear? Take a look at these podiatrist-recommended socks!

Woman putting orthopedic insole into shoe at home. Sports girl fitting orthopedic insole indoors, close up. Foot care banner. Flat Feet Correction. Treatment and prevention of foot diseases.Do Hey Dudes Have Arch Support?

Generally, Hey Dudes do not have the level of arch support that podiatrists and other foot specialists recommend. If you're still interested in Hey Dudes, styles like the Wendy or the Wally offer the most support over other options that the brand has to offer. Additionally, a shoe insert, either prefabricated or custom, can offer additional support in any shoe. If you have custom orthotics and aren't sure what shoes to wear them with, take a look at these tips for picking shoes to wear with custom orthotics.