Kids barefeet in the grassOut of all the pediatric patients we see, ingrown nails are typically the most common reason for their appointment. The nail is often growing in from a nail bed that is too narrow to accommodate the nail's width. Other times, ingrown nails are caused by improperly clipping their toenails or not trimming the nails often enough, causing them to rub against the inside of their shoes. On that topic, ill-fitting shoes can also lead to discomfort and ingrown nails. 

The ingrown toenails must be dealt with before they become a significant problem. Performing 'bathroom surgery' to remove the problem on your own can lead to infection and even injury. Let the professionals at Freeland Foot and Ankle Clinic take care of your child's ingrown nail. Needle-free, non-invasive treatments for ingrown toenails are available, too! Our compassionate team will be with you and your child every step of the way to make sure you are informed, comfortable, and confident in the care you'll receive.