Anne Hathaway is on set with a pair of big black glasses, gold earrings, a blue patchwork jacket over a plain gray hoodie, baggy jeans, and a pair of metallic birkenstock sandals. She's carrying a script. She's smiling.The star of Les Miserables and The Devil Wears Prada was recently seen sporting a pair of shimmering sandals on set. While podiatrists don't always recommend wearing sandals, Hathaway happened to pick one of the few we do approve of!

As reported in Vogue France, Ms. Hathaway was pictured on set of her latest film, A Mother's Instinct, sporting a pair of baggy jeans and metallic Birkenstock sandals. She was also wearing a patchwork and denim jacket by Ralph Lauren that costs about $400. We'll leave the style opinons to Vogue, but as far as our impression of Anne's choice in footwear: we approve!

Why We Normally Don't Like Sandals

If you've ever suffered from heel pain, plantar fasciitis, or Achilles tendonitis, you probably already know that changing up your footwear is one of the first suggestions podiatrists make. That's because the shoes we wear have a huge, lasting effect on the health of our feet. Spending too much time in unsupportive, unstable shoes can lead to instability in the structure of your feet. 

So when it comes to sandals and flip-flops, it's hard to find any worthwhile choices. Cheap foam or plastic flip-flops are basically like walking barefoot. And anyone who's seen The Princess Diaries knows that Queen Clarisse Renaldi would have reprimanded Anne Hathaway's character in the film for doing so. We can practically hear Julie Andrews announcing that "a princess never walks barefoot.''

Flip flops protect your soles from punctures, but that's right about where the postitive attributes end. With no heel counter, a flimsy construction, and no arch support, extended activity in these shoes can lead to a great deal of soreness. If you're a person with diabetes, neuropathy, or vascular issues, the constant rubbing between your toes can lead to blisters and wounds. Like all sandals, including Birks, your toes are left completely exposed and unprotected. Frequently stubbing your toes can cause toenail damage and even ingrown toenails

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So What Makes Birkenstocks Different?A woman wears a pair of birkenstock sandals. She's standing on a white floor with one foot slightly propped on the white wall she has her back to. She's wearing medium wash jeans with frayed hems. She's not wearing nail polish.

Birkenstocks have a few features that make us happy. Well, they make your feet happy; which, in turn, makes us happy!

  • Heel Cup and Counter: Because Birkenstocks have a deep 8mm heel cup and a slightly raised edge in the back, they offer as much support as possible in a sandal.
  • Cork Soles: The classic cork-constructed soles are comfortable. They are rigid enough to be supportive, but soft and forgiving enough to be comfortable.
  • Adaptive Arch Support: While a pair of sandals are not a replacement for custom molded shoe inserts, the cork and latex material is soft and, over time, may conform to your foot to create a sort of custom support.
  • Long-Lasting and High Quality: While it's important to replace worn-out shoes on a regular basis, Birkenstocks are reported to last for up to 300 miles, give or take. In terms of sandals, this is pretty impressive and could save you money in the long-run.
  • Big On Style: We know, we said we'd leave the style opinions to Vogue. But we can't help but mention this shoe's versatility and style. They come in a variety of colors and styles that can go with any outfit for any event. 

Sometime A Good Shoe Isn't Enough

Shoes won't always solve your heel pain problem. Sometimes you need some extra support! With our arsenal of state-of-the-art advanced treatments, transparent treatment plans, and conservative approach, we will get you back on your feet with no surgery and little to no downtime. Foot pain is common, but it is not normal. If you suffer from foot pain, make an appointment today by calling us at 989-695-6788 or by filling out our online contact form


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