Did you know that women are ten times more likely than men to develop bunions? It's true! And the reason why is probably not much of a shock to you: women tend to choose style over comfort and support when it comes to shoes. Wearing unsupportive shoes can cause a myriad of foot and ankle issues including bunions, as stated above, as well as heel pain, toe pain, and even toenail issues. 

You shouldn't have to sacrifice style in order to take care of your feet. There are fashionable, on-trend options available that maintain great support for your feet. 

How to Pick A Good Shoe

Before we get into specific recommendations, it is important to note that even the most supportive shoes are rendered useless if they don't fit you properly. Pay attention to fit rather than the size. You might be an 8.5 in one brand and a 9 in another, the key is to notice the way your foot feels in your shoewear. 

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8 Podiatrist-Recommended Shoes for Women

  • Vionic Serena Ankle Boots: Vionic is a favorite of ours, and a few of their styles will be featured in this list! The Serena is a sleek, thick-heeled bootie that can be dressed up or down. Versatility is only one of its positive attributes, though. The signature removable orthotic insoles come with the shoe and offer more support than you would normally find in this style of boot. Reviewers report being able to walk for miles in these!
  • Dansko Maria Bootie: Chunky-heeled booties are clearly on-trend right now, and for good reason! These have a clog-like look to them, and they feature a firm, supportive sole to keep your feet happy with every step you take. 
  • Spenco Bahama Slip-On Sneaker: If you're looking for an easy shoe to pair with any outfit, look no further. These sneakers are anatomically designed for optimal arch and heel support. They have a roomy toe-box to help you avoid discomfort in your toes and toenails. These are the perfect blend of cute and comfortable.
  • Vionic Brisk Alma Lace-Up Sneakers: If you're looking for something sporty, the Brisk is the perfect shoe for you. Not only can you enjoy them during your evening walk through the neighborhood, but they look just as cute thrown on when you need to run a quick errand or pick the kids up from school. They are described by reviewers as "glove-like," so you can be sure that they will hug your foot in a cocoon of comfortable support. 
  • Birkenstock Arizona: It's no secret that we love Birkenstocks. These casual sandals feature shock-absorbing cork and have remained a trendy shoewear option for years, if not decades! Now it is important to note that most podiatrists don't necessarily recommend sandals at all due to the lack of heel support. But if you really want to go for the open-toed option, suffice to say that Birks are the way to go!
  • Teva Hurricane XLT 2: For a sportier sandal, Tevas are the cream of the crop. These sandals feature adjustable straps so you can customize the fit until it is perfect. The shape of the sole is curved to accommodate the contours of your foot, and the material is strong and durable. These are the perfect sandals to chase the kids around at an amusement park or to enjoy a short hike. 
  • Vionic Desiree Flat: The Desiree's are the blueprint for a good, supportive flat. If your dress code at the office is business-casual, a great pair of simple black flats should be a staple in your wardrobe. We've already raved about Vionic's anatomical approach to women's footwear and the removable orthotic inserts make these a top choice. 
  • Clarks Linvale Jerica Pump: Okay, okay. We know podiatrists almost never recommend high heels, but we understand that sometimes you just have to throw on a pair of pumps. These heels feature a short 2.2-inch heel to give you a little boost without sacrificing the health of your feet. The toe-box is roomier than other high-heel options and reviewers report these being "shockingly comfortable."

Self-care is vital. Taking care of your body inside and out helps you both mentally and physically. Wearing unsupportive, ill-fitting shoes is like taking a step back. Invest in yourself and get a great pair of shoes!

Podiatrists Help Guide You To a Pain-Free Life

Shoes are hardly the only reason why you might be suffering from foot pain. The structure of your feet, your job, other health conditions, and your activity level can all affect the health of your feet. You deserve to live pain-free. You deserve a podiatrist who actively listens to your concerns and helps you get to the bottom of your heel pain.

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