What is the Deal with Those Big Red Boots?Luxury Cartoon-Like Red Boots : bulbous footwear

Social media has come a long way since the days of MySpace, AOL chatrooms, and the birth of Facebook. Back then, trends emerged from celebrities, magazines, and TV. With the quickening media cylce, constantly refreshing newsfeeds, and rotating trends of today, we are bound to see some popular things that are... questionable. 

Exhibit A: Big Red Boots. The newest offering from MSCHF has the internet in an uproar, and I think it's time a foot specialist weighs in.

MSCHF is an art collective known for creating satirical products meant to offer a caricature-like view of normal modern life, and in some cases even producing products with intentional trademark infringements and calling it the '"Cease and Desist Grand Prix."

The boots are strange, even for MSCHF. If you can't find anything positive to say about these boots, you have to admit that they are very aptly named. They are literally just Big. Red. Boots. With their dramatic proportions and TPA rubber and EVA foam construction, the boots are certainly cartoonish, with many speculating that the brand was influenced by Dora's sidekick "Boots," Astroboy, and even Mickey Mouse. 

A Twitter user wrote: "them big red boots have to be a social experiment to see how gullible people are."

And at $350 a pair, this foot doctor agrees. 

Are MSCF's Big Red Boots Bad For Your Feet?

While I recognize that most people spending $350 on a pair of are likely purchasing them as more of a collector's item rather than a practical every day shoe, I have to weigh in on how the Big Red Boots might make your feet feel.

Big Red MSCHF boots on a modelThe tread on the bottom of your shoes is responsible for maintaining traction when you're walking. Luckily, the Big Red Boots seem to have adequate treads. That's pretty much where the positivity ends for me, though. The boots are likely very similar to rubber rain boots, only much bulkier. Additionally, having too much room in the toe box, with these boots and any other shoe for that matter, will lead to toenail damage, discolored, and even ingrown toenails. It's important to wear shoes that fit properly, especially for kids and adolescents. 

What's Worse Than the Big Red Boots?walking boot shoes

A pair of shoes designed to look like walking boots (aka CAM walkers) used to treat patients with fractures and other foot or ankle instabilities. MSCHF's AC.1's, pictured here, are perhaps even stranger and more off-the-wall than the Big Red Boots. 

"Injury is IN. Health is OUT," says MSCHF, adding, "Now you can look broken while still being whole."

Hopefully, this quote and the product it describes are both furthering MSCHF's goal of producing and marketing the most satirical and obviously ridiculous products.

After spending over a decade prescribing walking boots for patients with serious injuries, I can honestly say that I've never met someone who willing asked to wear them, certainly not for "fashion" purposes. 

Additionally, it's important to note that these "boots" does not actually act as a medical-grade CAM walker or walking boot does. They are not sufficient in treating fractures, sports injuries, or for post-surgical use. And worst of all, they cost $450 a pair. 

If you actually need a walking boot, or if you're experiencing foot and ankle issues that even $450 shoes won't fix, Freeland Foot and Ankle Clinic has your back (well, your feet). With transparent pricing, flexible payment plans, free consultations, and state-of-the-art treatment options, we can help you walk into a pain free life without disrupting your busy schedule or costing you a fortune. Call or text us at 989-695-6788 to schedule your appointment today!

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