examining the feetIf you've been suffering from heel pain, odds are you've seen or maybe even tried out shoe inserts. Many drug stores sell over-the-counter insoles that promise cushion and comfort, but these often fall flat. Our office carries affordable over-the-counter insoles that our patients love, but sometimes you need extra support.

Custom orthotics are made for your feet specifically. Below, you'll learn how we cast for orthotics and why they work!

How Do Foot Orthotics Work?

Our orthotics are cast from the shape and structure of your feet when they are in the proper position. When you start wearing them, they slowly help guide your foot to naturally sit in the appropriate position. The material used in constructing the orthotics is a special kind of plastic with a 'memory,' so when the inserts are thrown out of wack, we can simply heat them up to make them return to their original form. We do this a few times over the course of six to eight weeks until you are fully acclimated to the new positioning. 

Overall, custom orthotics are just one of the ways we can get rid of your foot pain without surgery.

Custom Shoe Inserts Made For Your Foot Structure

Dr. Dailey Casting for orthoticsHere's how we do it:

After your initial consultation with Dr. Dailey, we will determine if orthotics are a good choice to treat your heel pain or instability. We will then contact your insurance company to check if they are covered and relay that information to you. 

When you come in to be cast for orthotics, we will position your feet in the casting foam one at a time. This impression will give us a great mold to send off to our trusted, experienced lab. Once there, the skilled orthotists will create your orthotics specifically for you and your feet. 

A short appointment will be scheduled to ensure the orthotics fit correctly, and three weeks later, Dr. Dailey will have you come back into the office to check up on how you're doing. 

Our orthotics are made to last. We know they can be expensive depending on your insurance coverage, but they should last you upwards of five or more years. About six months after you receive your first pair, we'll give you a call to see if you'd be interested in getting a second pair for a discount. 

Who Can Benefit From Functional Arch Supports?Dr. Dailey evaluating an orthotic cast

As we've said, people with heel pain can benefit from custom orthotics as an alternative to surgical intervention. More specifically, those with plantar fasciitis or Achilles tendonitis can find improvement in their symptoms with the use of a supportive insert. Orthotics can be used for gait issues and, in some cases, can help with hip, back, and knee problems. 

Custom Orthotics Near Me...

These state-of-the-art devices are available right here in Mid-Michigan! Get the care you deserve from a podiatrist you can trust. Dr. Dailey and his team are dedicated to getting you back on your feet and back to life with the help of shoe inserts and a myriad of other advanced, non-invasive treatment options. Heel pain can be a thing of the past! Call us at 989-695-6788 or fill out our online contact form to make your appointment today.

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