Should I Get a Medical Pedicure?

If you love a good spa day, strive to prioritize self-care, and can appreciate the wonders of a fresh coat of nail polish, I have no doubt that you've had a pedicure before. When you think of a pedicure, you recall the relaxing soak in warm water, the lower leg massage, and the aromas of the lotion and foot scrub.

52 percent of the participants in a study by Rutger's University also have a (not so pleasant) reminder of their trip to the nail salon: fungal infections. Aside from fungus infecting your feet or skin, traditional pedicures put you at risk for other foot issues like plantar warts and ingrown toenails. 

Professional hardware pedicureWhat is a Medical Pedicure?

A medical pedicure, also called a "medi pedi," focuses on the hygienic and aesthetic treatment of the feet. Surgically sterilized and single-use instruments are used, from the bowl we soak your feet in, to the brushes the technician uses to apply your nail polish (that's right, you don't have to skip the nail polish). The result? Beautiful, healthy feet, no fungus, no warts, and the convenience of a podiatrist right in the office if the nail technician notices anything out of place. 

What's the Difference Between a Medical Pedicure and a Normal Pedicure

Traditional nail salons aren't held to the same standard of cleanliness as medical offices are. When you walk into a nail salon, you can only hope that the instruments, foot baths, and brushes being used have been sanitized. In contrast, during a medical pedicure, you'll watch as the technician opens a sterilized pack containing the instruments necessary for the pedicure. Single-use nail brushes are used to get rid of any risk of cross-contamination. Every possible step that can be taken to ensure the utmost cleanliness is taken, keeping you safe and keeping your feet happy.

Am I a Candidate for a Medical Pedicure?

The best part about medical pedicures is that anyone can get one! This includes:

  • Those with diabetes, even patients with diabetic ulcers
  • People suffering from neuropathy
  • Anyone who has fungal toenails or plantar warts
  • Immunocompromised people who can't risk getting an infection

Medical pedicures are also ideal for those who get anxious in loud, bustling nail salons. Because a private room is dedicated to your pedicure, you can relax without worrying about everyone else around you. Additionally, those with physical limitations may find traditional nail salons inaccessible. For some, it may even be impossible to sit in the typical salon's pedicure chairs. We think everyone deserves to be pampered, so we take steps to ensure each client who walks in the door can be safe and comfortable in our accessible pedicure room.

What Kind of Pedicure is the Best?woman foot in pedicure treatment in salon

Our medical pedicure menu includes something for everyone. If it's been a while since you've had a good pampering, or if you're really in the mood to treat yourself to something truly luxurious, look for something that includes a nice soak in a foot bath and a lower-leg massage. A sterilized, stainless-steel foot exfoliator can get rid of dead skin and leave your feet looking and feeling softer than they ever have before. At Freeland Foot and Ankle, the Signature Medical Pedicure would be our recommendation.

If you are looking for the works at a more affordable price point. look for a medi pedi lasting around 40 minutes (at our office, this would be the Deluxe Medi Pedi). That gives the technician plenty of time to soak, scrub, and moisturize your feet. You can also have your nails painted with podiatrist-approved nail polish. We use Dr's Remedy, and love that it's breathable, packed with nail-strengthening ingredients, and can be worn by patients using a topical anti-fungal treatment

Do you have a foot ulcer, wound, poor circulation, nerve damage, or neuropathy? If that sounds like you, then look no further than a waterless medical pedicure. You still deserve to be pampered just like anyone else, and a waterless pedicure makes that a reality. You can enjoy a lower leg massage, callus treatment, cuticle care, and nail polish without risking injury or infection.

How Much Does a Medical Pedicure Cost?

The cost of a medical pedicure ranges from $45 to $85. Because they utilize highly-trained technicians, surgically-sterilized instruments, and podiatrist-approved products, medical pedicures are well worth the price when compared to traditional pedicures. 

Will My Insurance Cover a Medical Pedicure?

Medical pedicures are not billable through commercial insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid. That said, if you have an HSA or an FSA, you should give them a call and check if you can use those funds for your next pedicure. Additionally, if the technician notices something out of the ordinary and recommends an exam by the podiatrist, you can put your insurance on file and have an office visit with the provider to make sure your feet are healthy. In some cases, you can go right from the pedicure to the exam room!

Where Can I Get a Medical Pedicure Near Me?

Freeland Foot and Ankle Clinic proudly serves the Mid-Michigan area and beyond, and we are conveniently and centrally located at 7305 Midland Road, Suite 2, in Freeland. We will never make you wait months for an appointment, and our friendly front-office staff is happy to answer any questions you have. You can call or text us at 989-695-6788, or fill out our contact form and a team member will give you a call within one business day. Appointments for medical pedicures are available now!

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