Pedicures are a great way to give yourself a little self-care. Unfortunately, many traditional salons use unsterile instruments on multiple clients. As foot and ankle specialists, we've seen our fair share of toenail fungus, warts, and other injuries caused by cross-contamination at nail salons. Treatment for these conditions can be costly, time-consuming, and downright inconvenient! Luckily, we have cultivated a solution to deliver you the pampering you desire in a safe and sterile environment. 

Medical Pedicures are now available!

What is a Medical Pedicure?Freeland Foot and Ankle State of the Art Medical Pedicure Room with Brown Leather Massage chair and foot bath

 Also known as a medi-pedi, this non-invasive treatment focuses on the hygienic and aesthetic care of the toenails and skin of the feet. This treatment is provided by a skilled individual who has been trained in diabetic foot care, proper sterilization procedures, and foot and ankle anatomy to ensure the safest experience possible.

At Freeland Foot and Ankle Clinic, medical pedicures consist of the following:

  •  Polish Removal
  • Nail Trimming and Shaping
  • Cuticle Care
  • Hydrating Lotion
  • Application of Nail Polish (optional)

Additionally, these services are provided in a private, comfortable room with spa-like features, a water fountain, and a relaxing massage chair. You will enjoy the privacy usually not available at traditional nail salons, along with the customizable approach to your medical pedicure.

Medical Pedicure treatment room - shelf with high quality medical pedicure products and Himalayan salt lampWhat Products Are Used For Medical Pedicures?

Through trials and research, we have curated an offering of the highest quality pedicure products available. Footlogix provides innovative products that are effective and transformational. Footlogix's award-winning pedicures utilize proprietary technology, which carries the products' active ingredients through the epidermis layers to better restore the health of your skin. 

Offering a range of colorful and stylish nail polishes is another reason to choose a Freeland Foot and Ankle medi-pedi. Dr.'s Remedy provides a line of ultra-luxe, vegan nail care. Unlike other brands, these clean nail polishes can be used in tandem with topical anti-fungal medications like Tolcylen. 

Additionally, high-quality medical instruments are used for your pedicure. All of our instruments are sterilized using the same technology used to sterilize surgical instruments. It doesn't get safer or more hygienic than that!

Who Can Get Medical Pedicures?

Besides the cleanliness and expertise, the main difference between a traditional salon pedicure and a medical pedicure is safety! While at-risk patients should avoid salons that can cause wounds, fungus, and other serious foot and toenail issues, almost anyone can enjoy the pampering of a medical pedicure. Some of these clients include:

Skip The Salon: Get Safe, Professional Foot Care in Saginaw County!

Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is always happy to answer all of your questions! Whether you're wondering about your insurance coverage, advanced treatment options for heel pain and toenail fungus, or to get the low-down on our pedicure service, give us a call or fill out our handy online contact form today!