Journalist Gayle King standing at an event in a neon yellow dress wearing a walking bootWhen the editor-at-large for O magazine "hobbled" into Hollywood Reporter's annual Most Powerful People in Media event wearing a unique footwear combo, it was discovered that King had already been suffering from severe heel pain for at least a week! She told People magazine that one typical Sunday morning, she woke up and the moment she stepped out of bed, "[she] crumbled." 

She claimed the pain was lessening and decided to give it more time before going to a doctor. "I hate going to the doctor!" King told Page Six.  After attending several public events wearing a high-heel on one foot and a clog on the other in a bold fashion choice we really hope doesn't catch on as a trend, she finally made her way to a podiatrist. 


"Why Do My Feet Hurt?"

The CBS Mornings host, like many others, didn't think her heel pain was something to seek help for at first. This is a sentiment we are very familiar with! Maybe it hurts really bad in the morning, but you're feeling fine by noon. The tendons in your feet tend to tighten up when you're at rest. This is why pain in the morning is usually our first indication of plantar fasciitis or Achilles tendonitis, like in Gayle's case. It might be easy to ignore for a while, but soon enough, that pain will creep up on you until you have trouble all day, every day.

Once King finally made her way to a podiatrist in New York, NY, she was officially diagnosed with Achilles tendonitis after an x-ray and MRI. This condition is categorized by inflammation of the tendon running along the back of your heel, usually caused by overuse. We can understand why someone as on-the-go as Gayle King would suffer from such an injury! If you spend your days running around at work, chasing your kids or grandkids, or running and working out at the gym, you're just as at risk for this painful condition. 

The journalist was quoted as saying, "Yay diagnosis, and yay, no surgery! Yay, yay, yay!"

How Do Celebrities Heal Their Foot Pain?Gayle King receiving EPAT treatment

Healing foot pain without surgery was King's desired course of treatment, and we agree! Her NYC podiatrist, Dr. Nadia Levy, explained in an Instagram video that she is utilizing Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Therapy to ease the symptoms of King's heel pain (pictured right). Dr. Levy uses this advanced treatment in tandem with anti-inflammatory medication and has ordered King to use a walking boot. King is pictured above still looking as stylish as ever with her neon dress, matching tennis shoe, and grey walking boot. 

Treat Your Heel Pain Without Surgery

This state-of-the-art treatment is available right at our office here in Mid-Michigan! We use EPAT for active patients who suffer from soft tissue injuries like plantar fasciitis or Achilles tendonitis. By aggravating the tissues in the area, cellular repair is activated and the healing processes that naturally occur within your tissues are accelerated. Think of the body's response to the EPAT as a sort of immune response, wherein blood flow and circulation are increased and inflammation is decreased. 

Celebrity Treatment From an Affordable Podiatrist

Don't spend thousands treating your foot and ankle pain! Our advanced treatments are priced fairly and flexible payment options, like a payment plan or even Care Credit, are available to you! We think you deserve to be treated like the star you are, so let's get you back on your feet with EPAT, laser pain therapy, or one of our other advanced treatments for whatever is causing your feet to hurt. Give us a call or fill out our online contact form today! Interested in EPAT? We are offering a free consultation with Dr. Dailey to see if you're a candidate for this incredible, non-invasive treatment for heel pain. See if you're a candidate, and start feeling the relief!

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