Lacing up those podiatrist-recommended running shoes and heading out to the local running trail is good for you, period. Bringing the whole family along is even better! Not only is running one of the least expensive hobbies, but it also encourages quality time between parents and kids. Additionally, running can have a lasting positive impact on the physical and mental health of the entire family!

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Running Benefits Your Mental Health

We know all the incredible physical advantages to be gained by running regularly. But what about the benefits to your mental health? Running on a regular schedule can boost your overall happiness, and running together with your partner and children can help bring a sense of togetherness that many families don't get enough of in this digital, screen-filled age.

Stress is shown to be reduced by physical activity, and we know kids are put under more pressure now than ever! Demanding school curriculums and loads of extracurriculars put a great deal of stress on those young ones, and running is an excellent way for them to release it. After a run, endorphins are released into the body. This chemical process provides feelings of calm, reduced stress, and contentedness. 

Anxiety and depression are rampant in the US. Experts disagree on the causes of mental illness, and in many cases, professional help or medication is the only way to combat it. It is widely agreed that, while it will not cure anything, regular exercise can improve the symptoms of many mental illnesses.  

Ditch the Devices, Run in the Great Outdoors!

Globally, screen time is up. We spend more time in front of our phones, tablets, and computers than any other generation. And our children's generation is set to be even more glued to their electronics. Elevated screentime is linked to obesity, irregular sleep, diabetes later on in life, impaired academic performance, and vitamin D deficiency.

Running outside increases the likelihood that you will continue exercising, shows improvements to your cholesterol and cardiovascular health, and burns more calories than an indoor workout program. Parents and kids alike can benefit from outdoor recreation. Exposing yourself to vitamin D and sunlight helps combat depression and improves your overall health!

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Spending Quality Family Time

A great way to motivate your family to get healthier and be more active is to set tangible goals. Maybe you want to run continuously for a mile or five miles. Maybe there's a local 5K you want to train for. Whatever your motivation, the ultimate result is more time spent together, which is priceless. Studies show families that spend quality time together tend to enjoy a more open line of communication between parents and their children, and partners or spouses who prioritize quality time also notice better communication. For kids, exercising with their parents can increase their self-esteem, reinforces family rules and values, and helps to meet their emotional needs.

However you look at it, spending time with your kids is always a good idea. But why running? As we stated above, running is a cheap, easy-to-learn hobby that people of any age can enjoy. You can run almost anywhere, but we think our community has some pretty awesome local trails and running tracks. Reach out to a local runners' group to see if they have any upcoming family-friendly events, or start a group of your own!

Getting Healthy in Mid-Michigan

Getting up and moving around every day is the best way to avoid health problems in the future, and running with your family is a great way to spend quality time together! But working out is tough when your feet hurt! If you have pain or other foot and ankle issues that stop you from getting out there and getting active, don't wait for it to get better! All it takes is a phone call or text to 989-695-6788. Let us know how we can help, and we'll set you up with a consultation to get you back on your feet. 



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