knee-down view of someone standing with their back to the camera on a trail surrounded by trees. they are wearing athletic shoes and have had bright blue k-tap applied to their calf. Kinesiology tape, or K-tape, is a stretchy tape made from a blend of nylon and cotton. It is designed to flex with your movement, increasing your range of motion and mobility, decreasing pain and inflammation, and offering support to the muscles. By applying K-tape using customized methods tailored to your specific needs, we can help get you back on your feet with kinesiology tape.

Who should try K-taping?

K-taping is safe for almost everyone! Whether you're a runner, a busy parent, a teacher, or a nurse, we know you'll love the support and barely-there feeling of kinesiology tape. 

If you think K-tape might be right for you, ask Dr. Dailey about it at your next visit. New patient needing relief fast? You can't always wait until your next appointment for relief. We can apply K-tape between appointments and as needed without a consultation! Ask our friendly office staff about same-day K-taping today!