The short answer? No. You do not have to have surgery to treat foot or heel pain. Surgery is not always the most effective treatment option anyways! It is also rarely the most cost-effective approach. Our methods involve conservative treatment for heel pain. We offer tried and true care plans for alleviating foot and heel pain as well as new, state-of-the-art advanced treatments.

Laser therapy for heel pain is available right in our office. We also offer EPAT, another new, advanced treatment for heel pain that doesn't involve surgery. Custom orthotics are also great tools in our arsenal of conservative therapies.

If you have been suffering from heel pain but avoided seeking treatment out of fear of just being told you'll require an expensive surgery with a long recovery, Dr. Dailey is the podiatrist you need! He will exhaust all conservative options before discussing the possibility of surgery.

Podiatrist examines a patient's foot