Someone wearing white shoes with seafoam green suede details presses the brake in a car.After your ingrown toenail is removed and dressed by the doctor, you'll be given thorough instructions on aftercare.

One of the most common questions we get from ingrown patients is: "Can I drive afterwards?"

The answer is yes. An ingrown toenail procedure, often called a matrixectomy or nail avulsion, is a minor procedure. While you may experience some discomfort, driving yourself home from your appointment won't exacerbate your symptoms or undo anything that was done to fix the problem. If you're nervous about it and have someone willing, we welcome you to bring someone along to drive you home. While it's not necessary, it might ease your anxiety while you focus on getting better. We allow one person to join you in the examination room, so if you think you could benefit from some extra support, we encourage you to bring them in with you!

Luckily, a procedure isn't always necessary! With our non-invasive treatment for ingrown toenails, also known as Onyfix, we can heal your ingrown nail with no needles and no toenail removal. Ask us about Onyfix today!